A Guide to Social Investment

What is social investment?

How do your loans work? These are just some of the most common questions that we hear when speaking to people each day. So, we’ve created a guide of short, informative videos to help answer some the most frequently asked questions that we are faced with here at SIS. Each question has been carefully answered by our Head of Credit & Compliance, Alistair Johnstone.

You’re the Head of Credit and Compliance for SIS. What’s your background?

How do I apply for a loan for my organisation?

Banks can lend money to charities and social enterprises, so why the need for SIS?

Can my organisation get a loan to buy a building?

If I deliver products or services can I get a loan?

What is Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and other similar incentive schemes?

Will our Trustees have personal liability for the loan?

How do you calculate the interest rates?

What do you want to see in my Business Plan?