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Working with SIS Group: True believers driving real impact

Gabriela Tamakloe, a business studies student from the University of Stirling, joined us over the Summer as an intern with support from Black Professionals Scotland. Gabriela worked with our SIS Ventures (SIS V) colleagues to learn more about social ventures and impact investing.  In this blog Gabriela reflects on her time at SIS.

“The eight weeks I spent as part of the SIS V’s family is best described as an eye-opening experience, full of warmth and growth.

Being completely new to social investment, my early days with SIS V were spent feeling out of depth, trying to establish a firm understanding of the day-to-day affairs of the organisation. Fortunately, I was not without support. I was always able to look to investment manager, Siobhan Moore, ever patient, willing to listen and point me in the right direction. Soon I could see clearly what SIS V truly was. Beyond the ‘corporate speak’, I was proud to see for myself a team of talented individuals who are true believers – whose own thought processes, words, attitudes, and actions showed an intrinsic commitment to the cause of using business investment to drive real impact in society.

Out to lunch with SIS Ventures Team

Gabriela with Rob, Siobhan and Jill of SIS V

A highlight of this was on New Opportunities Day. A day where the teams’ investment managers listen to pitches from companies that are impact driven. The amount of research that went into the preparation for the event was incredible. This was to ensure that SIS V’s team would be able to grasp in detail their mission. It was interesting and inspiring to listen to young company leaders talk enthusiastically about their vision for positive social change through business. It was like witnessing the planting of seeds for revolutionary products and services which will hopefully grow to serve (and save) millions of lives.

Constrained by the pandemic, there were limited opportunities to meet in-person with team members. Yet, there was a strong sense of community that was fostered through online Thirsty Thursdays and Coffee Morning meetings. It brought the faces that I was seeing to life, seeing the other dimensions of their lives beyond the video conferences, emails and other work-related activities. I will always remember with fondness the storytelling of the great triumphs and trials of working from home. The occasional coffee meetings with Jill Arnold, Siobhan Moore and Theresa Sharp, and the Team Social meet up in Edinburgh provided refreshing bonding time with the team.

Gabriela meets Head of SIS Ventures, Jill Arnold

Gabriela with Jill Arnold

Working with the SIS family has sparked my interest in using investment as a driver for positive growth and change in society. I am thankful for the opportunity, as this is my first truly immersive experience in the world of investment in Scotland. Every kind word of instruction and encouragement is forever imprinted in my heart. My gratitude is beyond words!”