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SIS launches The SIS Retail Academy 2020

As SIS launches its Retail Academy for 2020 SIS Chief Executive Alastair Davis has shared a few thoughts on the SIS programme he is most proud of.

Inside the social enterprise bubble- and it can sometimes seem like a bubble- we have no issue understanding what a social enterprise is. In fact, we can spend time debating what actually is and isn’t a social enterprise! But outside that bubble, the debate is less nuanced, and I know that we can sometimes struggle to sell the message. I’ve always believed that one of the most important ways that we can help people understand the power and potential of social enterprise is to buy products and services from them.

Five years ago now SIS began working in partnership with Asda, a partnership that continues to this day. This unique partnership has provided social enterprises with access to knowledge, expertise and financial support to understand the retail opportunity.

This week sees the fourth SIS Retail Academy, delivered again in partnership with Asda with support from the Scottish Government, where social enterprises leaders will meet (this time virtually!) to learn about their retail opportunities. This year’s programme, again under the direction of our Social Entrepreneur in Residence, Rachael Brown, will explore retailing in the ‘new normal’ and will include contributions and input from global leaders in data, trends analysis and digital marketing. We hope that by the end of the Academy participants will feel better informed and better connected, and confident to sell their products and their impact, directly to consumers- perhaps even globally.

This is the SIS programme that I am most proud of- and I can’t wait to see what opportunities and partnerships develop over the course of the next week in our Retail Academy 2020.