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Are you a social enterprise who is interested in retailing your products to a wider or different market? Do you provides or services to consumers e.g. a restaurant or shop?

We are providing a series of fantastic workshops building on the success of the Asda Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy to support consumer-facing social enterprises across a variety of sectors.

Trends & Trendspotting – 14th November 2017 – Glasgow

What’s the next big thing is something all consumer businesses are desperate to know. What will be this year’s trend and how do you plan for it?

This workshop is all about what’s next and how as a social business you can plan and understand how to develop your business to sell on trend. Learn from industry experts and understand what important trends are coming up for your customers.

Food & Drink – 29th November 2017 – Glasgow

Food and Drink is something Scotland is well known for and has seen a surge in artisan products.

This workshop will give you an insight into some of the challenges in getting products to market, developing a brand and how to attract and keep customers. Come and learn from some of Scotland’s trail blazers in this arena.

Hospitality & Tourism – 5th December 2017 – Edinburgh

Scotland is the Rough Guides best destination for landscapes, arts, festivals and food.

How do social businesses access that market and what needs to be considered if your businesses is going to be part of the hospitality and tourism market. Come and learn from some of Scotland’s most successful businesses and experts in this immersive workshop.

Retail – 23rd January 2018 – Glasgow

Outside London Glasgow is the UK’s best and busiest shopping destination. Almost all retailers would agree that today’s savvy shopper will buy social but the quality, price and impact need to make that an easy purchase.

How can social products compete and be sold on the high street? Come and learn from a varied mix of retailers all who understand their customers and what they want. See if what you have can encourage the public to buy social.

Creative Industries – 27th February 2018 – Edinburgh

The Creative Industries are Scotland’s 3rd biggest growth area. New approaches and new business models are constantly being developed and created.

In this workshop we will explore how to deliver on new ideas, what your business needs to consider when coupling social impact, creative impact and economic impact. Come and learn from experienced Creative Industry businesses who have focused on key areas and themes in order to differentiate themselves and grow their impact.

These workshops are sponsored by the Scottish Government as part of Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016 – 2026.

What is the Asda Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy?

The Asda Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy is funded by Asda’s carrier bag levy.

The Academy supports social enterprises from across the UK to reinforce their understanding of the supermarket retail industry as well as refine their commercial and marketing skills, which in turn gives the social enterprises the potential to get their goods on supermarket shelves in Scotland and beyond. Read more.



BrewgooderBrewgooder participated in the Asda Social Enteprise Supplier Development Academy in 2016 and now are stocked in multiple national supermarkets, bars and pubs across the country. As a result, they’ve also enabled over 33,000 people in Malawi to access clean drinking water.