Our 2022 Impact Report

Building an Impact Economy

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With our network, we’re building an impact economy

At SIS, our vision is for an impact economy; where social entrepreneurs, businesses, consumers, investors and government are aligned and focused on delivering impactful actions and meaningful outcomes. Learn more here.

What differentiates social investment is that every investment is made to deliver a measurable social or environmental impact to the organisation, its beneficiaries and the wider community. Our investment is the enabler for wider social and economic impact across Scotland.

SIS’s market building activity and business support provides the tools, inspiration or connections needed by organisations to create greater social impact. We proudly collaborate with our customers, the wider social enterprise ecosystem and beyond to enable impactful actions.

To find out more about the difference our investments have made, check out our case studies and annual social impact report.

Impact Economy. Social entrepreneurs access mission-aligned investment and support. Governments partner with social enterprises in a range of ways. Consumers, as well as businesses, can purchase from social enterprises. Businesses implement responsible business practices as standard. Investors make impactful investments for financial and social return. Enterprises have the tools and inspiration to create their social impact.


Understand the difference our investments make.

Every year we produce a social impact report to demonstrate and showcase the array of impact delivered by our customers. Every year we continue to be amazed and inspired.

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