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Building an Impact Economy: SIS’s Strategy to 2030

With restrictions being gradually eased and as our sector continues to work towards recovery, SIS is pleased to release its strategy to 2030, Building an Impact Economy.

Having postponed our release in March due to COVID-19, we feel the time is now right to share our new strategy, which we believe to be more relevant now than ever before.

The last three months have revealed what really matters and have highlighted the need for an economy that strives to address more than GDP. We now need an economy which acknowledges the influence and impact at a community level (which we have truly seen the value of in recent times) and how supporting communities to thrive from the ground up can contribute to improved societal wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and economic success.

Since SIS was established in 2001, we’ve invested nearly £80 million in over 400 impactful businesses and supported over 5,000 social entrepreneurs. After an extensive period of review and consultation, both with our team internally and wider stakeholders, and in light of COVID-19, we are now ready to share our new strategy as we look forward to 2030 and beyond.

Our vision is an Impact Economy.

Impact Economy Graphic

This is an economy where social entrepreneurs, businesses, consumers, investors and government are aligned and focused on delivering impactful actions and meaningful outcomes. An economy where all businesses are a force for good and consumers are empowered to live sustainably and use their purchasing power for positive change.

Our aim is to not only support social enterprises through this challenging time, but to provide them with the investment and support needed to create greater, more sustainable impact.

First and foremost, we will support Scotland’s third and social enterprise sector through the current crisis by working collaboratively to offer needs-driven funds and support. Through this and as we move into what we hope to be a better normal, by 2030, we aim to provide 10,000 enterprises with the tools, support, inspiration and connections to create greater social impact. We also aim to connect 500 social entrepreneurs, enterprises and third sector organisations with mission-aligned investment and support.

But we won’t achieve this alone. We’re committed to working collaboratively and there are numerous ways that you, as an individual and business, can get involved. Check out our Impact Practice page to discover some things to think about.

Learn more about our strategy, Building an Impact Economy, in the video below and by checking out our Strategy Summary here. Want to work together? Get in touch to see how we can support the sector through this challenging time and how you can be involved in Building an Impact Economy.