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SIS and Scottish Enterprise – Impact Workshops

Social Investment Scotland is delighted to announce a series of impact themed events delivered in partnership with Scottish Enterprise.

Building Business Impact: An Introduction for Scottish Businesses – March 10th & March 15th

This workshop will introduce businesses from across Scotland to the key concepts, tools and approaches to build positive impact for people and planet. No business operates in isolation, each has the potential to create both negative and positive impacts for customers, suppliers, teams, environment and communities.

In this workshop participants will learn how to maximise the positive, and minimise the negative – learning from those who are already taking action, and about the tools and approaches that may work for your business.

The business imperative for developing impactful business practices has never been more prevalent; customers, staff and investors are all seeking to do business with those who act responsibly and ethically. Join us to build your knowledge and confidence to take the next steps for your business.

The Rise in Impact Investment: An Intro for early-stage Scottish Business – March 23rd
Throughout March 2021 Scottish Enterprise are offering a series of eight free, half-day online workshops for businesses in Scotland who want to supercharge their learning around topics of Diverse Talent, Inclusion, Impact-focused Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business Practices.

Delivered as a set of bite-sized workshops by experts in the field, the workshops are a great introduction to or refresher of how inclusive, sustainable businesses practices are more important for Scottish businesses now than ever and can be an excellent opportunity for furloughed workers from start-up and growing businesses to keep their knowledge up to speed.

This “Rise of Impact Investing” workshop will introduce the concepts of mission-led business and explore the rise in impact investment into mission-led businesses. The workshop is aimed at those running mission-led business and also people from the wider Scottish businesses base interested in how impact investment works.

In this workshop participants will:

• Learn what a profit-making mission-led business is, how it differs from a company performing corporate social responsibility, and also how the model differs from social enterprise

• Find out, from starting-up to scaling-up, who are the impact investors in Scotland and beyond, and how to raise investment from them

• How private individuals can invest in a mission-led businesses and benefit from Tax Relief