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COVID-19 Support

Being a social enterprise and charity ourselves, we understand the challenges presented by COVID-19. However, there is continually more support and funds being delivered to the third sector to help organisations through this difficult time. Below, you can find what support we at SIS can offer, along with where to look for further support and resources.

If you need help with something in particular or don’t know where to turn, please do get in touch and we’ll do out best to support or point you in the right direction.

COVID-19 Support Links

Coronavirus Third Sector Information Hub

SCVO have developed an information hub, where they have collated much of the support, funds and resources available to the third sector and in response to COVID-19. This is updated regularly.

Webinar Recordings

SIS has been and will continue to run various series of webinars over the coming weeks and months to offer insight, inspiration and guidance on the various challenges being faced by the third sector at this time. We will often delivery these collaboratively with partners to ensure the third sector has access to experts on particular topics.

Talking Heads: Leaders Driving Social Change

Eight socially-driven joined us to explore how we, as a sector, can transform our society and economy to be stronger, equitable and impactful to create social change 

Talking Heads: Leadership & Wellbeing through Social Change

Hear from leaders in the social enterprise and third sector, as well as mission-driven space, on their reflections and thoughts on how to navigate through these unprecedented times.

Expert Webinar Business Briefings

A series of expert webinars, delivered with a number of expert partners, which were created to help third sector organisations with the challenges they are facing due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

Raising Investment for Creative Industries

We’re pleased to have partnered with Creative Scotland once again to run three online workshops aimed at looking at the challenges faced by creative and cultural third sector enterprises as they recover from the fallout of COVID-19 and begin to look to the future.

SIS Briefings: Restructures, Mergers and Routes to New Markets

SIS has come together with a range of lawyers, accountants, and social enterprise leaders to deliver – ‘SIS Briefings: Restructures, Mergers and Routes to New Markets’. These sessions with be co-promoted in partnership with Social Shifters and they will be developed afterwards for on-demand use on their digital learning platform.

Raising Investment For…

We’re delighted to invite you to our series of Raising Investment events, delivered by our ASSIST Business Support initiative.

Our Raising Investment programme will be delivered this year based on the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs who have raised social investment within a specific sector.

A Guide to Social Investment Loans

What is social investment? How do your loans work? These are just some of the most common questions that we hear when speaking to people each day. So, we’ve created a guide of short, informative videos to help answer some the most frequently asked questions that we are faced with here at SIS.

Our ‘business as usual’ funds may also be able to support you during this time. Learn more in the video below and get in touch here for more information.