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Circular Economy 360

We are delighted to launch the Circular Economy 360, delivered in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland. In these sessions we will look at reducing costs, increasing your customer profile AND making a positive impact on the environment.

The series consists of five live sessions for the cohort to join and six video recordings from leading circular economy social enterprises from USA, France, Northern Ireland, Greece and Austria will follow.

The recorded sessions focus on circular economy organisations, and our live cohort group is for all social enterprise and third sector organisations.

Having an active plan for meeting climate targets, and being able to demonstrate the actions you’re taking, is becoming increasingly important whether you’re approaching funders, investors, the general public, the public or private sector.

Be ready to show your plan of action and the steps you’ve already taken to position your organisation for the future.

The live sessions ran during May and June 2022. By the end of the series attendees were able to conduct a simple baseline environmental assessment aa well as plan and embed Circular Economy principles into their business.

About your host

Naomi Johnson, SIS Associate

Naomi Johnson is a SIS Associate the current Chair of Circular Communities Scotland and has worked in the circular economy and social enterprise sector since 1998.

She has experience in lobbying and senior policy work to early practical work in establishing and managing waste collection systems at events, including Glastonbury Festival.

Naomi is a well-known face in the social enterprise sector in Scotland. She’s practical and keen to support organisations, bringing a wealth of knowledge, contacts and inspiration to this series.

In the short video below, Naomi explains what you will gain from the Circular Economy 360 live sessions:

Why should I attend?

The ability to deal with waste materials and your approach to Net Zero targets is becoming ever more critical.

However much we aim to minimise waste, there are often by-products from our work. Organisations today need to frequently replace electrical equipment to produce and distribute products and services; food and drink catering at events will often incur waste.

The Video Series

We have followed up our live sessions with inspiring recorded conversations with leading social entrepreneurs from around the world including Northern Ireland, Austria, France, Greece and America – with guest speakers popping by in our live sessions too!

Watch the Circular Economy 360 Video Series here:

The Live Series

In line with our other Academy Programmes, these sessions will run with expert speakers and maximise input, questions and discussion from all participants. Our five live sessions will run as a cohort group where you work on your organisation’s Net Zero goals. These sessions focus on Circular Economy activities and will be suitable for all organisations that use stuff, operate premises, and develop products.

Circular Economy 360 Series – Action not Jargon (May 3rd 2022)


Circular Economy 360 Series – Circular Kickstarter (May 10th 2022)


Circular Economy 360 Series – Canteen Conversations (May 31st 2022)


Circular Economy 360 – Business benefits (June 7th 2022)