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28 May 2024

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The Diffley Partnership is conducting the 2024 Social Enterprise Census on behalf of the Scottish Government.

If your organisation has social or environmental goals and generates income through contracts or fees of any kind, then we want to hear from you. This could include things like running a business in your community generating energy, providing arts activities, running a hotel which provides housing, or delivering social care services.

What is the Social Enterprise Census?

The 2024 Social Enterprise Census marks the fifth official review of enterprising charities and social enterprises in Scotland. Every two years the project reports on the scale, reach and contribution of social enterprise activity across the country as well as the characteristics, prospects and needs of the organisations behind it.

Why participate?

Participating in the Census means far more than simply filling out a survey – it is an opportunity to have your voice heard. Every response is vital.

By sharing your organisation's experiences and insights on evolving needs, you'll contribute to a deeper understanding of the experiences, support structures, resources, and needs of social enterprises in Scotland.

Who should participate?

We want to hear from organisations that:

· Earn income from selling goods, charging for services, or delivering contracts

· Have social or environmental objectives

· Reinvest profits/surpluses to further their social or environmental goals

· Have a constitution that ensures that assets cannot be sold for private gain

We ask you to commit just 20 minutes of your time to share information about the work of your organisation and its needs. Each and every question you answer is important to us.

How to get involved?

Participating in the Social Enterprise Census is straightforward. The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete online.

You can review and download the questions beforehand here.

Join the thousands of organisations contributing to this crucial study. Make your voice heard and take part in the 2024 Social Enterprise Census today.

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