The Apprentice Store

29 Nov 2022

  • Highlands and Islands
  • Support

Founded in 2016, The Apprentice Store is an IT services business based in Inverness.

The Apprentice StoreIt works with small and microbusinesses across the UK, providing remote IT support, web development, and cyber security advice. The Apprentice Store is unique in the IT space. It operates as a social enterprise to create sustainable employment for young people within the Highlands and Islands, with all profits invested back to support young people.  

In 2021, David Massey, The Apprentice Store’s Managing and Founding Director, attended and completed our Ambitions: Supporting Leaders, Building Growth programme. The Apprentice Store transitioned between Step-up and Scale-up cohorts, allowing David to learn and engage with entrepreneurs at different stages and with a similar mindset.  

The programme also gave David clarity on how to tell the story of The Apprentice Store - the reason why it exists and the services it delivers, whilst being true to its purpose. 

"There are many things that make the Ambitions Programme stand out - one of which is the fact that it has two programmes running together that are specifically aimed at the stage and size of the businesses.”

David Massey

Managing and Founding Director of The Apprentice Store