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From nomad to the ‘new normal’

In the second of our series of blogs in which the SIS Team reflect on what the new hybrid working arrangements mean to them, our Senior Investment Manager, Joanne Karatzidis, considers the benefits of hybrid working and the positive impact it’s had on her family life.

“I have always been lucky in my role at SIS to have had flexibility on where I worked from. Pre-Covid, my week would normally have consisted of one to two days a week in our Edinburgh office, one day a week in a co-working space in Glasgow, one day out and about meeting customers, networking and so on and a day a week working from home.

Interestingly at the time, I thought this worked well and was certainly better than my previous job which saw me commute five days a week to Edinburgh. Nowadays, I realise that it was quite a nomadic lifestyle where I carried everything around in my backpack every day and spent many hours every week either driving or on the train. When I combined this with being a mum to a very active son who always needed driven to football/futsal training, games, or a friend’s house, I remembered that there would be days every week that I left home at 6.45am and wouldn’t get home until after 9.00pm and then have to feed my ever hungry, active son and get things ready for the next day!

Covid changed that and saw me, and the rest of SIS, work permanently from home which, whilst coming with its own challenges, did allow me to spend more time with my family and feel that that I was part of that daily routine that my husband and son had that I always missed out on.

Moving out of lockdown, hybrid working is the new normal way of working at SIS and I am finding that this really supports my work/life balance and allows me to be more productive at work as well as more available to my family. I now work most days from home and head into the Edinburgh office a couple of days a month which has taken all the commuting hours out of my week and significantly reduced my carbon footprint. I have found that I am more present in the time I spend seeing my colleagues face to face and not sitting there thinking about the things I need to do. It also means that I can do simple but meaningful things like have a chat to my son about how his day was when he gets home from school without rushing about half listening to him and thinking about how long I have to get him to where he needs to be next!”