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Ambitions 2022: Supporting Leaders, Building Growth – Meet the cohort!

We’re thrilled to announce the impactful organisations that will be joining us for our Ambitions 2022: Supporting Leaders, Building Growth programme.

These amazing leaders have committed to building resilience, guiding and propelling their aspirations for their organisation’s activity, impact growth and scale.

So, without further ado, introducing the Ambitions 2022: Supporting Leaders, Building Growth cohort:

Trudi Donahue, Wild & Kind CICTrudi Donahue, Wild & Kind CIC           

Wild & Kind CIC is an organisation that looks to tackle loneliness and isolation for people with marginalised gender groups, by providing safe spaces and free workshops for people to meet, socialise and thrive.

We generate income by operating as an ethical print and embroidery studio.

Area of work: Mental wellbeing and community | Reach: UK wide | Website:


Jérémie Warner, Power a LifeJérémie Warner, Power a Life

Power a Life is transforming kids’ lives in Africa with the gift of free solar lights. The company gifts these lights thanks to a buy to give product range of power banks, wireless chargers and notepads – with each product sold, a solar light is gifted.

The company currently works with some of the world’s biggest companies to provide meaningful merchandise for teams, as event giveaways and corporate gifts. Notable customers to date include General Electric, Swisscard, BP, The Sheraton, Santander and Pernod Riccard amongst others.

Area of work: Poverty and education | Reach: Developing countries | Website:


Laura ffrench-Constant, JRS KnowhowLaura ffrench-Constant, JRS Knowhow

JRS Knowhow is a social enterprise delivering training and learning about rights and equalities law. We create accessible, inclusive, engaging, and fun learning experiences. We deliver workshops and e-learning for public authorities, businesses, social enterprises and charities. We work with clients to bring their learning online and evaluate its success.

We provide bespoke consultancy including train the trainer, market research and tech support for digital learning. Since starting trading in 2021, we have reached nearly 600 learners. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the legal centre JustRight Scotland, and all our profits are invested in our parent charity.

Area of work: Education and equality | Reach: Scotland-wide | Website:


Saskia J Singer, NartureSaskia J Singer, Narture

Narture is a Community Interest Company set up as an artist collective in 2020 in Ayr during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project evolved from successfully occupying empty town centre spaces over the past three years and activating them with cultural purposes.

Narture’s objective is to become a truly inclusive creative hive, making participatory cultural activities available to all members of society and break down the exclusivity that can be alienating for some.

Area of work: Creativity and community | Reach: Ayr | Website:


Jane Duncan Rogers, Before I GoJane Duncan Rogers, Before I Go

Three years after her husband died, author, coach and speaker Jane Duncan Rogers published her first book, Gifted By Grief. Readers response to this led to her founding Before I Go Solutions®.

This social enterprise trains people internationally to become End of Life Plan Facilitators, helping others in later life to prepare well for a good death. They also provide products, online programmes and a scholarship fund for those wishing to create comprehensive end of life plans.

Area of work: Education and wellbeing | Reach: International | Website:


Andrew Douglas, Scotland All StrongAndrew Douglas, Scotland All Strong

All Strong’s mission is to support the improvement and self-management of mental health and overall wellness. This is achieved through our blended approach of all-ability fitness, guided relaxation, peer connection and accessible tools of wellbeing.

We work with a range of local charities, partner organisations and marginalised groups to provide fully private small-group programmes, building confidence, knowledge and self-belief through positive experience. We also have an affordable public gym space and a wellbeing support app.

Area of work: Mental health and wellbeing | Reach: Perth | Website:


Jacky Niven, Fly Cup Catering Ltd Jacky Niven, Fly Cup Catering Ltd

Fly Cup Catering is a Scottish charity providing training and employment opportunities to adults with learning disabilities in the catering and hospitality sector.

Within our premises in Inverurie, we provide trainees with opportunities in our coffee shop, bakery, kitchen, meeting rooms and office environment to build their social skills, confidence, self-esteem, independence and ultimately their employability.

Area of work: Employability and catering | Reach: UK | Website:


Mhairi AndersonMhairi Anderson, Creative Strathaven CIC

Creative Strathaven CIC is a community arts organisation that facilitates creative opportunities for people living in the local area.

As well as hosting a variety of events, workshops, and meet-ups throughout the year, we also run a retail space showcasing and selling work by local, and Scotland based creatives. Our creative community hub and co-working space at 2 Barn Street Mews is open 5 days a week and is available for creatives interested in flexible working to use.

Area of work: Creativity and community | Reach: UK | Website:


Amanda McLaughlan, 1st Alliance Community BankAmanda McLaughlan, 1st Alliance Community Bank

A community bank (or credit union) is a not-for-profit financial co-operative owned by, and run for the benefit of, its members. Credit unions operate to a very high set of ethical principles which require that all members are treated with respect and dignity, no matter how much, or little they have saved or borrowed.

1st Alliance offers products designed to meet the need of its members; from saving accounts and loans to Banking facilities to Debit Cards. At the heart of everything we do, is to enrich and benefit our members and our communities.

Area of work: Community | Reach: West of Scotland | Website:


Clair Coutts, Coorie CreativeClair Coutts, Coorie Creative

Coorie Creative is a social enterprise with a studio in Stirling. Our activities benefit people who have experienced loss in some form like bereavement, trauma, homelessness, physical or mental health, or any loss or life event.

We provide weaving training for complete beginners and intermediate weavers, a form of therapeutic creative expression offering opportunities to meet in a supportive and inclusive environment. It allows potential for employment, where trained weavers can assist with workshops and events. We have built a community, both within Stirling and online, where people can engage with others outside of clinical or social work settings.

Area of work: Creative, mental health and wellbeing | Reach: UK | Website:


Lou & Ellis Beardsmore, Pride Outside CICLou & Ellis Beardsmore, Pride Outside CIC

Pride Outside are an award-winning social enterprise, who are on a mission to make the world a safer place for every single LGBTQ+ person. They do this by delivering LGBTQ+ diversity training to reduce discrimination and delivering outdoors wellbeing workshops to improve the mental health of the LGBTQ+ Community.

Area of work: Equality and diversity | Reach: UK | Website:


Tzaritsa Asante, TZAR!Tzaritsa Asante, TZARI

We are TZARI, a luxe fashion brand that exists at the intersection of fashion and WEB3, with our signature print, we are not only pioneers within the digital landscape, we are niche in an emerging and rapidly growing market.

Our clients are predominantly but not exclusively African diaspora representing $30billion+ 24 spending power, cultural interrupters, catalysts of technological and sustainable society.

Three points of distinction at TZARI:

  1. Transparency, using blockchain we invite our clients to participate in the journey of manufacturing from the point of order to receipt. Whist serving as a point of IP protection -PROVENANCE
  2. Using NFT’s to represent prints & designs of cultural value, we will not only create additional revenue opportunity but democratise the design process whilst galvanising community
  3. Tailor-made pieces evolving with the diversity to the community.

Area of work: Creative and sustainability | Reach: UK | Website:


Rosalind Romer, Leith Comedy Festival Rosalind Romer, Leith Comedy Festival

Leith Comedy Festival serves the community of Leith, though people come in to see public shows from the rest of Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Comedy for Good. Leith Comedy Festival aims to inspire and create opportunities for the people of Leith by joining forces with local companies and charities to unleash the power of laughter for good. And we produce damn funny comedy shows while we’re at it.

Area of work: Creative and community | Reach: UK | Website:


F.A.R.EKaren Galbraith, Fare Scotland

FARE Scotland is a grassroots charity based in the Easterhouse area of Glasgow that operates in many different capacities across the city and the west of Scotland. It was established over 30 years ago by local people who were disillusioned with the lack of support and opportunities available to families and young people within the Easterhouse area.

FARE utilise a range of engagement methods in order to encourage, develop people’s aspirations, enhance their standard of living, tackle social issues such as poverty, social exclusion, anti-social behaviour and related violence as well as promote empowerment to local people through the provision of safe, trusting and caring community projects and activities.

Area of work: Education, skills, and training | Reach: Central Scotland | Website: