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Unity Grill

Unity Grill received a £40,000 loan from SIS to support with the final pieces of equipment and fittings for their restaurant on a mission to challenge hunger and food poverty.

‘Food poverty is the inability to acquire or consume an adequate or sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways, or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so’ [1]. Food poverty is an increasing public health issue throughout Scotland and the UK. Angela McNay made it her mission to challenge hunger and tackle food poverty in Ayr by opening Unity Grill, the town’s first social restaurant. The business operates on a simple concept: those who can afford to, pay the prices on the menu. Those who cannot afford to buy a meal can, instead, volunteer their time in advance in return for a voucher to offset the cost of their meal.

Unity Grill welcomes everyone, regardless of their ability to pay for a meal.

Unity Grill 1

SIS helped the restaurant commence operations with a £40,000 loan. £25,000 enabled the restaurant to purchase kitchen and bar equipment as well as stock, and the remaining investment was used as working capital. Unity Grill opened its doors to the public in April 2018 and is now providing a welcoming space for everyone, as well as tackling food poverty and stigma around it in Ayr and South Ayrshire more generally.

At Unity Grill, they always aim to make what they do extra special, and the festive season is no different. Unity Grill open their doors on Christmas Day to provide dinner, gifts and extras to anyone struggling or alone in their community. They also arrange transport to ensure no one misses out.

In addition, they will also be providing around 2000 hot meals, soup and snacks to kids across Ayr North to ensure kids are not going hungry during the winter school holiday and to lessen the added burden on families.

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