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Showcase The Street

Based in Dundee, Showcase the Street aims to involve young people in various activities and is also able to have some positive impact over and above physical health by providing dance classes. By engaging with 14- to 16-year-olds who are disengaging with education, Showcase the Street combats wider community issues, including potentially risky and anti-social behaviours, through its diversionary activities. Showcase the Street also works to achieve positive destinations and tackle unemployment through dance accreditation.

Showcase the Street’s activities help to promote potential career paths, increase the likelihood of positive future destinations and tackle childhood obesity, social and school exclusion and inequality.

Anne’s Story

Susan from Showcase the Street began running workshops at the Helm, a charity based in Dundee which provides a supportive learning service for people who face difficult barriers to developing sustainable careers.

Anne was attending a Pathway offsite schooling programme at the Helm. Anne was a very likeable young lady but her behaviour on many occasions was not acceptable. With little assistance, staff managed to get her through her SQA qualifications at level 3 and 4 in her Core Skills. Although a struggle at times, this was eventually achieved.

Susan’s workshops involved helping children aged 14 to16 to create fashion and design projects. The workshops proved popular and Anne learned a lot under Susan’s guidance. Anne’s behaviour was very different during this class and she realised she was talented in this area. She learned new techniques, produced a number of beautiful garments, and also attended dance classes organised by Susan.

Anne then decided she would like to further her education in fashion and design and was encouraged to apply to college. Susan provided invaluable help with her portfolio and interview preparation. Anne attended the interview and has been accepted for a college place in “Introduction to Fashion Retail”.

N.B. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned.