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Craigie Community Sports Hub

Craigie Community Sports Hub, a charitable organisation providing sporting opportunities for all age groups but mainly young people, received a £50,000 loan from SIS to supplement a range of grant funding towards the cost of its 3G sports pitch.

Craigie Pitch
Craigie Community Sports Hub (the Hub) is based in the East side of Dundee in a highly deprived area (according to SIMD). Its main objective is to promote and develop sporting-based activities for member clubs, Craigie High School students and residents – providing quality facilities to encourage activity.

With a view to enhancing its facility management portfolio and supporting the needs of its members, the Hub was committed to delivering to its strategic plan. This involved fundraising for three years to renovate four shops, that had lay vacant for ten years, into a centre and changing facilities.

With its objective in mind, the Hub sought out to develop a £600,000 3G pitch at Craigie High School. The school would have rights to the pitch during the day, with the Hub being responsible for evening and weekends. The team had calculated that accredited clubs from within the Hub could take on 40% of the evening and weekend slots, highlighting the interest in and the viability of the pitch.

While the project was underway, the Hub recognised that it was heading for a £50,000 shortfall before completion, which had the potential to severely impact its main grant income. This is when SIS interjected to “save the day”.

The 3G pitch, which opened in January 2016, has allowed the Hub to offer one of few all-weather outdoor facilities in Dundee, supporting its aim to encourage the physical and mental wellbeing of young people and adults through physical activity. The pitch has diversified and strengthened its income streams and allowed the organisation to continue to create positive social impact in the surrounding communities.

Craigie - Volunteers Test New Tractor

“I am pleased to present this testimonial about the proficient service given by SIS staff to the CCSH Committee during our negotiations for the £50,000 loan that we needed to fulfil our main objective of constructing a 3G pitch within the Craigie High School campus.

The decision to approve was a life-saver for the project because of the £50,000 shortfall we were facing. I was the Hub’s representative throughout negotiations and, despite the friendly manner enjoyed during SIS communications, I immediately noted that, although exhausting, the due diligence carried out prior to completion and approval of the loan was highly professional.

Having nearly repaid our first loan, a second £50,000 loan was approved to develop a resource and training centre adjacent to the 3G pitch.

Fortunately, we found a way to fill that void without accessing the loan facility but my feelings around the process replicated my experience first time around. The new £350,000 centre will be opened in March 2019. Well done to all involved.”

George Allan, Secretary, Craigie Community Sports Hub