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Community Focus Scotland

Community Focus Scotland CIC received a loan of £10,000 to support in creating a more sustainable organisation, ensuring they could continue to enhance the positive impact that they were having in the local community.

Community Focus Scotland (CFS), previously Forth Valley Community Focus, seeks to reduce poverty and unemployment through various types of industry training, addiction support and a free food larder.

team1The Founder, Annette Tonner started her journey by securing a place on the School for Social Entrepreneurs Scotland, Bank of Scotland, Start-Up Programme. This gave Annette the business skills, a Bank of Scotland Mentor and £4000 grant funding which allowed her to secure premises. With further investment of £10,000 from Social Investment Scotland, Annette has gone from strength the strength in supporting her local community.

CFS delivers courses in construction skills, customer service, health and safety and food hygiene from their training centre in Falkirk. They provide a variety of services to assist the local community in securing employment through bespoke employability programmes and training, which includes work experience and gaining relevant qualifications.

While their customers do not need to be referred, CFS has established excellent partnerships with the Department for Work and Pensions, local job centres and Skills Development Scotland to ensure that they can be easily accessed by those who need them most.

Being accredited by the Department of Work and Pensions, CFS can deliver local employability and industry specific training. This income allows them to work with local corporate employers who utilise their services for training staff, supporting the sustainability of the organisation and its impact.

The team at SIS has been delighted to see the fantastic impact that CFS has had in their local community over the last few years. They have been kind enough to share with us their social impact report from the last financial year (April 2018 to March 2019). Check out the highlights below.

CFS Stat

“I cannot express enough how delighted we were to have received investment from Social Investment Scotland at the start of our journey. Without this support we would not be able to have supported so many people in our community and would not be where we are today! I have also just incorporated Scotland’s First Social Enterprise Accountancy CIC. Social Enterprise Accountancy Scotland CIC will reinvest its profits into Social Enterprise Start-ups.” “We believe in putting people before profit, and always will.”
Annette Tonner, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Community Focus Scotland CIC