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5 Tips to Communicate Social Impact

Whether you’re a social enterprise, community organisation or mission-driven business, analysing and communicating your social or environmental impact is crucial for long-term sustainability. Sharing the outcomes of your work helps to raise awareness of your enterprise and the cause that you support. It can also inspire supporters, engage investors and encourage collaboration.


To effectively communicate your impact, you first must capture the difference that your organisation is making. Although this might feel daunting, numerous frameworks are available for measuring social impact that can support you through the process. You can find out more about these frameworks and other Impact Practices here.

While your impact might be well understood within your organisation, it can be difficult to showcase the positive change that you’re creating to the outside world. Now in our 20th year, we have explored many ways to communicate our social and environmental impact.

Here are some of our top tips:

1. Listen to your audience

It’s possible to gain valuable insights into your impact through anecdotal evidence. Ensure that you and your team can capture and share these stories to bring your work to life.

2. Recognise future areas

By regularly measuring your social impact, you can identify emerging themes. Be confident in communicating these to your stakeholders, as showcasing your leadership can open doors to collaboration and future impact opportunities.

3. Use authentic messages

With the right frameworks in place, you are well-placed to share engaging stories that ring true with your audience. Ensuring your communications reflect real-life stories, revealing challenges – as well as successes – will create a compelling tale of your impact.

4. Create case studies

Case studies set out who your enterprise seeks to support, what challenges you help them overcome and how you achieve this. Speak with the beneficiaries of your work and create customer stories that demonstrate your impact through specific examples.

5. Write and publish regular impact updates

Publishing a regular impact report allows you to monitor how your organisation is performing against your impact ambitions over time. Sharing it externally demonstrates the impact that your enterprise has had in a manner that promotes transparency, improvement and inspiration.


To learn more about SIS’s impact, check out our latest impact report here.