Retail for Change: Bootcamp 2023
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Retail For Change: Learn more about our 2023 Retail Bootcamp

Retail for Change: 2023 Retail Bootcamp

We are back in March 2023 with a new look immersive three-day Retail Bootcamp (formerly Retail Academy) packed with a dynamic line up of headline experts covering all the skills and knowledge you will need to build your product, service or experience.

The current economic environment is extremely challenging however, now more than ever people care where their money goes – there is a continuing and growing appetite to purchase from ethical and social businesses. Let’s make a difference together – let’s benefit, make profit and create impact.

Our Retail Bootcamp, hosted by SIS Associate and Programme Leader, Rachael Brown, will have a ‘laser’ focus on brand alignment and the potential to work with the right commercial partners who have mutual values and customers. Delivered online with a programme of the key and practical tools you will need to help your business thrive includes trends, analysis, marketing and the opportunity to meet, engage and share your product, service or experience with the right buyers looking to connect and work with organisations in the social space.  Brace yourself to be challenged and inspired!

If you would like to register to receive more information about our 2023 Retail Bootcamp taking place on 15th, 16th and 17th March, sign up today here.