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Are you ready to level up to the SIS Retail Academy 2.0? 

Over the years, the SIS Retail Academy has supported over 100 social enterprises to bring their products to the retail and corporate markets. This autumn, we are excited to launch the SIS Retail Academy 2.0.

But how does it differ from previous programmes?

  • You’ll learn how to develop a growth leadership mindset 

A growth mindset believes that we can develop our basic talents through effort, strategies and input from others [Harvard Business Review]. In the business world, individuals with a growth mindset often demonstrate essential leadership traits that make them more successful and resilient [Forbes]. But how can a growth mindset be cultivated?

Charley Gavigan, a Professional Certified Coach and Co-founder of Brave Your Day, and Leila Ainge, Business Consultant and coach, will share their valuable insight and expertise.

  • We’ll show you how to scale up – and understand the challenges of going international

What operational elements do you need to consider to support the next stage of growth for your business?

From planning to delivery, our speakers have gained high-level knowledge through their experiences of working with and leading businesses with purpose. Hear about the stages to get your business and your team ready to level up.

  • We’ll guide you on how to source funding to scale

How do you access the funding that you need to scale? Or meet the demands of your customers in time for Christmas sales?

At SIS, we provide loans from £10,000 to £1.6m and our CEO, Alastair Davis, will be on hand to answer your questions on how to access ‘Products with purpose’ this has been a growing trend for several years now, so you’re already off to a good start. But what other investment can you capitalise on to boost sales and, therefore, add to your social or environmental mission?

  • We will help you reach your customer and expand to new audiences

We will spend time focussing on marketing and reaching your current and future audiences – for example, how do you go deep and cultivate your customers, create the right content and stay true to your brand? We will hear from two international marketing experts – Daniel Rowles (Target Internet) and Andrew Miles Davis (Andrew Miles Davis).

Our programme of masterclasses will take you through the steps to scale your mission-driven organisation, facilitated by the expertise and knowledge of a range of business leaders and experts.

If you have a product, service or experience and are ready to grow your business and impact, learn more here and apply today. Get your applications in today!