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Voluntary Action Angus

Voluntary Action Angus, who support third sector organisations in Angus, secured a £62,500 loan from SIS as part of the funding package required to purchase new premises in the centre of Forfar.

Voluntary Action

Voluntary Action Angus (VAA) is a third sector interface which supports the third sector and encourages innovation in Angus. Their primary functions are volunteer development, social enterprise development, supporting and developing a strong third sector, and building the relationship with community planning. VAA’s activities are focused on empowering communities and combatting poverty.

An independent charity since 2002, VAA is recognised by Scottish Government, Angus Community Planning Partnership and Angus Council as fulfilling a key role in ensuring the continued development of a vibrant third sector in Angus.

VAA’s work in supporting third sector and volunteering initiatives is crucial to securing new resources for the sector to become more sustainable and proactive in reshaping services to individuals, families and communities. Whilst they have a core element to its work, there are many other projects and activities that they manage or support in partnership with other agencies and partners.

In 2015, VAA realised the potential of a purpose-built space for all voluntary sector organisations to use. After three years of planning and significant interest from organisations seeking to use the space, VAA identified a property in the heart of the community.

VAA located a two-story building in the heart of Forfar which would fulfil their plans and offer additional opportunities for impact. The space sparked ideas such as operating a community kitchen and offering space to youth groups in the evening.

Voluntary Action 3

Having secured a mortgage from a social bank and prepared the organisation’s available funds, VAA reached out to SIS to assist with the gap in funding. They secured a loan from SIS of £62,500 which allowed VAA to purchase the building from Angus Council, complete the necessary cosmetic work and bring their vision to fruition.

The new premises officially opened in November 2019 and has received a great welcome from the local community. The new building helps to create a positive atmosphere and strengthen the community throughout Angus by hosting many different events that include everyone in the area.  VAA’s activities are vast and impactful, supporting third sector organisations positively influence the lives of those they wish to support.

“Working with SIS has been an absolute pleasure, the whole process was seamless, and their ongoing support is fantastic. Our loan from SIS allowed us to complete the purchase of our Third Sector Centre and begin working on the interior to allow us to create a welcoming environment for the whole sector and community of Angus to enjoy. The result of this is now a vibrant Third Sector Centre where collaborative working and ideas can flow freely between ourselves and eleven other Third Sector organisations who have already decided to co-locate with us. I feel very proud and privileged to be part of such an innovative project and I’m overwhelmed by the support of Theresa and the team at SIS.”

Hayley Mearns, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Action Angus

Voluntary Action 2


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