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Tribe Porty

Tribe Porty, a community hub providing affordable coworking and event space, secured a £24,000 loan from SIS to assist with their expansion re-configuration and upgrading of its quirky premises.
Tribe Porty 3
East Edinburgh-based Tribe Porty, or Tribe, has improved the lives of the local community by increasing support and providing opportunities to work, start a business, run a group or participate in a range of classes and activities. In terms of coworking, Tribe offers studios, permanent desks and hot desks, in addition to meeting and event space.

By increasing social, cultural and physical activities, Tribe better connects and engages the wider community. Customers can also find out what else is happening locally, as Tribe connects with other community initiatives, groups and local councils.

While the coworking space offers new business opportunities to the community, it is Tribe’s range of weekly and monthly activities that are promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle to the local area. Tribe has a schedule of yoga, Pilates and pre and post-natal classes, in addition to offering activities to give energy to both mind and body. It is also home to The Edinburgh Tool Library, Portobello Natural Health, Velow Bikeworks, Oi Musica, TEDxPortobello, and Tribe Women amongst others.

Having been offering a place ‘to make good things happen’ since May 2014, Tribe found itself with a significant waiting list of people who wanted to use its services. Due to this high demand, Tribe decided to upgrade its premises to free up additional usable space.
Tribe Porty 2

Having struggled to find a suitable finance option that would also suit the required timeframe, a recommendation led Tribe to SIS. Tribe worked with its dedicated SIS Investment Manager and agreed a £24,000 loan; allowing the work to commence.

Resulting in four new studios, 10 new permanent desks, a woodworking workshop and some further hot desks, Tribe increased its capacity to cater to local demand. The ambitious Tribe is a great example of using socially-focused enterprising activity to address issues in the community. Tribe is now a thriving creative community hub with over 95 freelancers, social enterprises, charities and SMEs.

“Although Tribe Porty has been at Windsor Place for over 4 years, when the previous downstairs tenants went into administration, we had to act fast to secure our existing spaces. The new long term lease of the entire building has given us the much needed opportunity to grow and expand. SIS has enabled us to invest in the building for our beneficiaries and community. ”

Danielle Trudeau, Founding Director