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6 ways social enterprise leaders can benefit from 1-2-1 support with a SIS Associate

Leading an organisation that seeks to create a positive impact while generating income to support its mission can be challenging. There is an abundance of things to think about in an effort to make your organisation a success.

This is where the SIS Associate Business Support Programme comes in. The programme is designed to offer social enterprise leaders and their Boards the support they need to grow their organisations.

Delivered as 1-2-1 support with one of our industry experts (SIS Associates), the programme is tailored to each individual’s needs and can cover topics to improve operations, systems, strategies and/or financial projections.

Who are the SIS Associates?

We have a range of industry experts (who also happen to be lovely people!) that work with us here at SIS. Some are experienced social entrepreneurs. Some have grown and sold lucrative private businesses. Some have experience as senior finance/operations, or data executives and financial analysts. You can find out more about some of the SIS Associates here.

1-2-1 coaching for social enterprise leaders

While there are several topics that SIS Associates can help with – from entrepreneurial advice and soft skills to financial projections and risk management – leaders who enrol on the programme will also benefit from 1-2-1 executive coaching.

The executive coaching element aims to equip people with the knowledge and mindset needed to develop themselves and their organisations in a more effective way.  Below, we’ve highlighted six key benefits that social enterprise leaders can experience through 1-2-1 coaching with our experts.

1. Navigate your growth journey

Whether you’re venturing into new revenue streams, preparing for a big project or welcoming new people into your team, all organisations go through change. Coaching can help you navigate the steps needed to manage this change and take you closer to your mission.

2. Set the right goals

Fuelled by their mission, social enterprise leaders are often so strongly focused on the impact they want to create that it can be difficult to see the steps required to edge towards this mission. Coaching helps leaders align their big, aspirational goals with the more tactical targets needed to move ever closer to their objectives.

3. Focus on your strengths and identify areas for improvements

Working with a SIS Associate can help you identify your strengths, helping you to focus on the areas where you can have the greatest impact. The programme will also help you pinpoint your “weaknesses” and make a plan to work on the areas that matter most.

4. Improve productivity

Especially as they seek to balance driving revenue with creating social or environmental impact, social enterprises need to operate efficiently. Working with a SIS Associate can help you identify how to best spend and manage your time.

5. Developing leadership skills

Having this dedicated time for self-development can help social enterprise leaders progress with key leadership skills needed to drive their organisation forward. For example, working with a SIS Associate can improve your communication, confidence and empathy, as well as focusing on health and wellbeing topics that can help you attract and retain great talent for your social enterprise.

6. Better decision making

At the end of the Programme, you should have a better understanding of yourself and the direction you wish to take your social enterprise. This insight can help you make better decisions when it comes to growing your organisation in a sustainable way and in line with your mission. In essence, the insights and clarity gained into yourself and your organisation should help you grow faster, operate more effectively and create greater impact in the long term.

Different leaders and organisations have different priorities and challenges. This is why the SIS Associate Business Support Programme is fully flexible and tailored to your specific context. We can offer up to four days of support from one of our SIS Associates to help you define, design and deliver the “nuts and bolts” needed to help your organisation grow.


If you have ambitions to scale your organisation and impact, please register your interest by filling out this short form. If successful, we’ll then share this with the most appropriate SIS Associate to provide them with background on your organisation and the problem/opportunity that they can support you with.

Please note that organisations applying should:

  • Have an ambition to grow and an interest in social investment
  • Have the support of and awareness from their board in this process
  • Be open to committing some time, and collaborating with the SIS Associate.