About the Organisation

The key to Our Power’s current and future success is generating sufficient scale that enables it to deliver significant impact across Scotland. However, achieving that scale is often a particularly acute challenge for social enterprises. The third sector is often reliant on funding that does not enable either growth or sustainability.

“We could see that there was a failure in the energy market that meant those who could least afford it were paying more for their gas and electricity,” explains Our Power’s CEO, Dawn Muspratt. “And those using pre-payment meters pay one of the most expensive tariffs in the market.” Research shows that those who pay for their domestic gas and electricity via pre-payment meters can be charged around 25% more for their energy than those who pay by monthly direct debit.

“To address this, Our Power has one tariff, regardless of payment method,” says Dawn. “We aim to replace pre-payment and credit meters with smart meters that allow customers to see how much energy they’re using, as they use it, so they can manage their household budgets and plan more effectively.

Smart meters are installed for all customers and operate under a ‘friendly credit’ basis for pre-payment customers. This means householders will never find themselves ‘cut off’ and without gas or electricity outside of office hours.

“We’re committed to driving costs down, offering lower prices for the most vulnerable members of our community, affording them great customer service and creating jobs in fuel poor communities,” says Dawn. “But everyone can benefit from a fairer fuel supply.”

It has been a privilege for SIS to work in partnership with Our Power and the Scottish Government for almost two years to bring this new social enterprise to fruition. By working collaboratively with a passionate team and being able to provide £1 million of start-up capital in this early stage, we hope Our Power can have a truly transformational impact on our energy sector and society as a whole. Watch this space!

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