2014/15 Financial Highlights

Since 2001
In 2014/15

SIS (Community Finance)

SIS (Community Finance) is our core loan fund. This fund provides a range of flexible loans from £10,000 to £250,000, including our popular bridging loan product.

Scottish Investment Fund (SIF)

The £31.8 million SIF was created in 2008 by the Scottish Government to help build the capacity of the third sector in Scotland. The fund has invested in 67 organisations, in a range of sectors, across Scotland.

Social Growth Fund (SGF)

The SGF is a £16 million partnership between the Scottish Government and Big Society Capital. The fund provides loans from £100,000 to £1 million. SGF has a risk capital product which, if offered, is popular with organisations looking to grow their activities and impact.


 SIS (Community Finance)Scottish Investment Fund (SIF)Social Growth Fund (SGF)Totals
Investments issued£2m£3m£2.3m£7.3m
Number of new customers165324
Number of loans265435
Interest income£319k£855k£35k£1,209k
Year-end balances£4.7m£12.4m£2.3m£19.4m

*in 2014/15 £200k was awarded to 10 organisations as part of Legacy 2014: Sustainable Sport for Communities Fund

Since 2001

 SIS (Community Finance)Scottish Investment Fund (SIF)Social Growth Fund (SGF)Totals
Loans issued£15.3m£15.3m£2.3m£32.9m
Grants issuedN/A£16.5mN/A£16.5m
Number of new customers157464207
Number of loans195874286
Average loan amount£79k£176k£575k£115k
Total Invested£15.3m£31.8m£2.3m£49.4m

Full annual accounts can be found on our website.