About the organisation

As a Community Interest Company, the Glad Café was established in Glasgow with the social purpose of providing affordable and free music lessons and workshops to young people in the local area.

As a young business, the café is still paying back start-up debt, so does not yet have profits to put into this. However, the enthusiasm from local people and customers to support this work has been such that a charitable Glad Foundation has already been established and some programmes initiated. These include a weekly music workshop for children with autism, a weekly Samba School, a 10-week Brazilian drumming and song workshop with young carers, a children’s choir and a pre-school rhythm and melody group. The Glad Café has been able to run these through a mixture of donations, fund-raising events, small fees, volunteer help and grants.

Anita’s Story

One individual who feels she has benefitted greatly from music tuition is a young woman referred to Glad Café by the Red Cross. Anita came to Glasgow several years ago as a refugee and was keen to learn to play the piano.

At the same time a young musician called Peter came to us, offering his services as a piano teacher free of charge. For two-and-a-half years the pair have been meeting on Saturday mornings at the Glad Café, where the piano lessons take place. Anita is a keen student and has been progressing well, and Peter has been faithful in his commitment to teaching her.

N.B. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned.

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