For SIS’s 2015 Social Impact Report, we’ve introduced Big Society Capital’s Outcomes Matrix which provides a better reflection of the range of different social impacts that our customers have, both on individuals and on communities. The matrix includes outcomes and measures for nine outcome areas and 15 beneficiary groups. This helps develop a common language regarding social and impact assessment in the social sector and allows for unique project aspects to be taken into account.

The matrix framework improves how customers articulate what outcomes they are trying to achieve and demonstrate what impacts they have made. Our customers know their business best, as well as their beneficiaries and the difference they make. That is why they were the ones to select the primary and any secondary outcomes which they felt were most appropriate to them.

The difference made to local people and communities is what social investment is all about: the case studies in this report of our customers’ stories and the people with whom they work are evidence of this in practice.