Business Solutions and Impact Reporting for Sports Organisations

Back in 2015, Social Investment Scotland were a key partner in distributing the £1 million Legacy 2014: Sustainable Sports for Communities Fund. This involved distributing grants to third sector 12 third sector organisations to help develop sports facilities for use by their local communities. As a continuation of this activity we have launched a series of 6 workshops across 3 venues to support organisations in diversifying their income streams and reporting their social impact.

Business Solutions

Are you involved with running a sports organisation in Scotland and looking for ways to diversify your revenue streams, build more business-like solutions and potentially attract social investment to deliver your ambitions?

Social Impact Reporting

How does your organisation positively benefit people, communities or the environment? Measuring your social impact helps you to understand, evaluate and communicate the social value of your activities to a range of stakeholders.

Book now at one of the following locations:

4th October 2017 - Edinburgh

16th November 2017 - Dingwall

7th December 2017 - Glasgow


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