What we do

we offer third sector organisations business loans to enable job creation, community engagement and economic development all over scotland

We are a social investment business which means we only invest in third sector organisations that have the capability to make sustainable social impacts.

Business loan finance is available from £10k upwards and is aimed at charities, community organisations and social enterprises that might find access to finance from mainstream providers difficult. This might be due to the affordability of the finance, the structure required, security requirements or simply getting the right level of help and advice to turn plans into reality. At SIS, we recognise that this may be the first time a loan has been considered or applied for and we want to ensure that the process is as simple and at straightforward as possible.

We also help manage funds on behalf of third parties with any profits being re-invested into our charitable purpose.

our aims

We want to be a thought leader in the social investment marketplace, making a real difference to people's lives and society in Scotland. We want our governance to be best in class and be the partner of choice for investors, intermediaries and investees. We want to supply capital to markets that need it most, and therefore, seek to develop new investment propositions for new investors.

key benefits

Our most valuable attribute is that we are passionate about connecting capital with communities. We put our customer needs at the forefront of ALL our actions to ensure money gets where its needed most.

At SIS, we take the time to get to know your organisation and how our investment can change it for the better. We are genuinely passionate about the work we do and all of us care about the organisations we invest in. We build strong relationships with our clients and aim to understand the social impact that our investments make, beyond the investment's repayment.

You will work with a highly experienced and dedicated investment manager, gaining support and in-depth specialist expertise at all stages of the process. Our investment team bring knowledge from both the private and third sector and work closely with all our customers to help them become even more efficient in order to maximise their social impact and business growth.

We take care to undertake a full review of all potential investments and aim to work with the most aspiring charities, community organisations and social enterprises in order to make the biggest impact across Scotland.